Animal Tails Adventure Cloth Books

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  🌍 Explore & Discover with Animal Tails! 📚

Introduce your little one to the fascinating world of animals with our Animal Tails Cloth Books! Designed to stimulate your baby's visual perception, these colorful and engaging cloth books feature the tails of various animals from different habitats, including dinosaurs, ocean creatures, farm animals, jungle dwellers, garden critters, and magical unicorns. Let your baby explore and discover the wonders of nature while promoting the development of their intelligence.

  • Paper ring function - Crinkling sound when squeezed, attracting your baby's attention.

  • Colorful & educational - Teaches color identification and can also be used as a drawing book.

  • Durable & safe - Made from cloth, these books are tear-resistant, bite-resistant, and easy to clean.

  • Various animals - Teach your baby about different animals while engaging their senses.

As your baby grows, their interest in bright colors, complex shapes, and visual depth increases. Moderate color visual stimulation helps build a more complex and highly qualified visual neural circuit in your baby's brain, promoting further intellectual development. With six captivating styles to choose from, our Animal Tails Cloth Books are the perfect companions for your baby's learning and growth journey.

Size: 18.5*15*3
Pages: 4 Pages / 8 Sides

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